Thursday, February 15, 2018

Monthly Finance Post

I think I said last time that if I made it through running out of oil then the major problem would be that needing to get the stopgap oil and then normal oil would make it so I wasn't prepared when the non-monthly expenses next rolled around and thus would act as a bridge that past crisis could use to move into the future or . . . something like that.

Anyway, it's happened.  Taxes and insurance.  I've lost track of how much the insurance is (I'm not at home right now, which is good because I can turn down the heat, within reason, and make the oil last longer) but it and the taxes together add up to $910 +/- $12

And I really wish I were paying down debt instead.  I'm $392.48 away from eliminating my highest interest debt, which seems reasonable to hope for (though not to expect) and $1,467.84 away from paying off the next highest interest debt, which is clearly beyond my means.

And I need stuff, too

My threadbare shirts are beginning to sprout holes in scandalous places.  I could really use some kind of shorts/leggings/yoga pants/whatever that could be worn beneath a skirt to prevent my legs from rubbing each other raw.  My only belt broke on the 4th day of Christmas which has seriously fucked with my ability to wear any of the pants I own.

I could use shelving to help in house cleaning efforts.

Things.  Stuff.  Things and stuff.

That's my finance post.


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