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At the moment the only policy I have to talk about is my affiliate policy.  It's no secret that I created this blog fully intending to get rich as quickly as possible.  (As quickly as possible happens to be quite slowly, if you were wondering.)  And being an affiliate may well change that pace from tectonicly slow to, say, glacially slow.  Still not going to happen in the span of a human lifetime, but might be visible given careful observation over a long enough span.

In all seriousness, what this means is that if I'm talking about Twilight or Left Behind I can create links to Twilight and Left Behind so that if you go and purchase them via the links I'll get a cut.  (Assuming I've done everything right.)  Given that Twilight and Left Behind are not, in fact, good books that's probably unlikely to happen but what I'm hoping this will do is, perhaps, motivate me to talk about things that I do think are good.  There are several things that I've thought of bringing up that I never got around to for lack of motivation.  Maybe this will help with that.

Also, in the unlikely event someone actually does buy something, money.  You may recall that the stated goal of this blog is to be a millionaire within six months and own my own island within the year.  Anyway, the practical result of this is that links to will have some junk looking code at the end, and the result of that junk looking code is that if you buy something after following the link it will probably result in some money coming my way.

So, now, finally, in complete seriousness, here is the necessary legalese:

Chris Witham is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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  1. ... And we find out your real name?

    (Not that I was wondering. Just noting the fact that it's up there in the offchance that someone comes out of nowhere and asks me "What's Chris the Cynic's real name?")